GRUINYARDS - luxury holiday apartment by Loch Ness

Pricing and Availability

Prices are here, weeks are colour coded according to cost, the prices are at the top.
We are happy for you to start your holiday any day of the week.
We are pleased to offer Gruinyards for short breaks - 2 nights or more. These are available throughout the year.

If you have decided that Gruinyards is the place for you and would like to make a reservation right away...

... you can do this through our online booking page - just click the 'Book Now' link below and select a start date on the calendar.


You will be shown the cost for different lengths of stay with an option to book next to all of them.  If you change the start date the prices will be automatically updated.

You will then be taken to a page where you can pay the deposit (25%) by credit card.

Alternatively, if you would like to book through a person, have any questions or difficulties booking or would just like to check a price then please...

Contact me (Jonathan Norris) through the enquiry page, or email

or phone me on (+44) 7720 388977 or (+44) 20 8993 0230.


These are available throughout the year and can be booked on-line.

Please bear in mind that the price reflects the fact that many of the expenses are the same whatever the length of stay.  This means that longer stays are significantly better value.

However it is often the case that for a family even a single night works out cheaper than a hotel but with much more space and far better views!

Also we know that once you arrive you won't want to leave!

Prices for short breaks can easily be checked on our on-line booking page but as a guide the prices for different lengths of stay will be:

1 night - same as 2 nights (~65% of the weekly cost)

2 nights - ~65% of the weekly cost

3 nights - 75% of the weekly cost

4 nights - ~85% of the weekly cost

5 nights - ~90% of the weekly cost

6 nights - ~95% of the weekly cost

It might seem that the prices favour longer stays but you may well find that for a family even a single night works out cheaper than a hotel but with much more space and far better views!

Prices include linen, towels, heating and electricity but there is a charge of £30 if the sofa bed or Aerobed is used which covers the extra laundry costs.

Any Queries?


If you have any questions, please use the Contacts page to send an enquiry or email directly to or phone Jonathan Norris on 07720 388977.

A reminder

Short breaks are available at short notice and from October to April

Availability Calendar


The availability page shows availability and prices.  If a date is red then it is already booked.  Otherwise the colour shows the price band for that week.

However, one thing to watch out for is that the pink colour for 'peak weeks' is fairly similar to the red for 'already booked'. 

Weekly prices for each season:

Winter £590

Early Spring £670

SpringAutumn £720

Late SpringAutum £920

MayJune £970

Early Summer £1020

Peak (JulAug) £1470

ChristmasNewYear £1220

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